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50. My Website

December 6, 2010

Check out my website:


49. Culture Jam

December 5, 2010

Just made this culture jam for one of my classes. It uses Coke’s enjoy slogan along with images of the products side effects to comment on Coca-Cola’s brand. A famous example of culture jamming is the bubble project.

48. Something Is Lurking

December 5, 2010

A really visually intersting ad for LG. The scare tactics are a little much but great execution.

47. Making The Invisible Visible

December 5, 2010

German street art collective Mentalgassi, created an interesting way of making the invisble visble as Amnesty Interantional calls for the release of Troy Davis, a controversial death-row inmate.

46. 4th amendment underwear

December 5, 2010

The outrage over the new invassive TSA scanners has inspired someone to create underwear and t-shirts with the 4th amendment, which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures, printed on their crotch and chest.

45. Live Concert App

December 4, 2010

Swedish digital company Strip digital created a live concert app that can stream live musical performances to people all of the world. The app is popular in Sweden and has delivered virtual concerts to audiences as big as 100,000 people.

44. Gylne Tider

December 3, 2010

A promo for a norwegian tv show, “Gylne Tider” , is filled with a weird ensomble of hollywood celebrities and is a viral video hit.