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Whoever Said Curiosity Killed the Cat is an Idiot

November 5, 2010

I have been lucky enough to attend lectures by and pick the brains of some of the most gifted minds in advertising. I have talked with people have shaped the strongest brands in the world, created award winning advertising and brilliant innovations. In all of those lectures one thing is always asked by an audience member, “what is the most important thing that has contributed to your success?” The answer has been the same 90% of the time. Successful advertisers have a natural curiosity, they genuinely want to know and they want to find out everything they can.

In a lecture I attended today by Scott Bedbury, the branding mastermind behind Nike and Starbucks among many others, said, “Without a doubt the thing that has contributed most to my success is my curiosity and the fact that I have always wanted to learn things.”

Advertising is not about you and your opinion. It is about communicating between a brand and its consumers. You have to find out what a brand is down to its very core and learn every small but significant detail that you can about the people who use it. Look at advertising as a communicative path between a brands and consumers. How can you lay down the path without knowing where to start or where it should finish?  The more you know and the more you dig up the easier it is to come up with great advertising.

The need to know only makes you smarter and If curiosity kills the cat I hope he asks 9 really good questions.

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