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What Should I Do?

November 11, 2010

Even though Lebron James owns his own marketing firm, lets admit it, he is terrible at marketing. While his skills haven’t deminished since his “the decision” special, his brand has. In one hour he went from do-no-wrong superstar to black sheep. Now he is asking what he should do.

One thing is for sure, he should not have made his latest nike ad. When you are trying repair the image that you are a selfish ego-maniac, you probably shouldn’t make a commercial of you talking directly to the camera and saying the word “I” 30 times in 1:30 seconds. Thats once every 3 seconds. (My count might be off a little because he literally says it so many times its hard to keep track)

Lebron’s new Nike ad

What you need to do lebron is STOP TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF! You need to show everyone that you are a team player. You need to rebrand yourself as someone who is about the game, not himself. And until you do that you will always be seen as a self-indulgent. 

Cleveland’s response to Lebron’s new ad

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