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14. Collaborating Brands Fight AIDS

November 19, 2010

What started as a crazy idea, is a now a serious force in AIDS prevention and awareness. Product Red now generates $160 million to fight AIDS to over 5 million people. With the goal of eradicating AIDS Product Red has partnered with brands from all over the world to produce finances for the fight against AIDS. The idea is that Red is a brand that is lent to companies to collaborate and create joint products, which generate income for AIDS prevention funds.

The most recent collaboration is with Converse. On behalf of World AIDS Day, Dec. 1, Converse has released a new pair of shoes designed by Damien Hirst and like all Red products, 50% of the profit from the shoes will go directing to helping people with AIDS. This is the fifth year in a row that converse has released shoes for World AIDS Day.

Product Red is having a worldwide campaign to support the fight against AIDS on Dec. 1, Cities around the world will literally being going red. At night landmarks around the world will be lit up with red lights to show support of the fight against AIDS.As with many disease prevention funds it seems like the money does nothing because there is still no cure; However, this year is different. Now medicine exists to prevent HIV from being transferred from pregnant women to their children during birth. Product Red is predicting 2015 could be the first worldwide AIDS-free generation. The money raised will go toward delivering that medicine to people around the world.

All AIDS money produced by Product Red is donated through the Global Fund to Fight AIDS. If you are interested in donating, purchase any Red product or follow this link ( to donate directly to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.

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