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17. Hi, How’s It Going?

November 21, 2010

To make great things that speak to all kinds of people, you have to be able to understand people who are nothing like you. Some people say get into  another person’s world by watching a TV show that you would never watch or reading a magazine that you would never dream of looking at. I say take the same concept and go one step further. Hangout with a tween, talk to an old guy. Who is a better expert on a demographic than the demographic themselves?

You don’t need to spend your time thinking about how a demographic that’s polar-opposite of you would live or think because they already do. In a day where media is so important in  our lives we forget that there are actual people right there. Get some gonads, and speak up. Talk for a reason, probe and find out useful information because it will only benefit you and expand how you think of the world.

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