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21. Agumented Reality

November 22, 2010

Over the past year there have been some really useful and amazing apps that have come out. Some of my favorites like Foursquare make use of the GPS capabilities in my phone, meaning they can tell where I am and what is around me. But I can’t say I have ever been a fan of the two dimensional google mapsesk images that show me where I am. There is always a disconnet between the virtual map and the reality of the street I am walking down.  

However, it looks as if that is no longer a problem. I recently discovered apps that overlap the virtual reality of a phone with the reailty of my environment. The technology is called agumented or hyper reality. I can hold up the camera on my phone and an agumented reailty app can show me where the closest restaurant is through a real time view.   

The current uses of this are mostly for geographical information but there could be some really interesting uses for agumented reality in the future.

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