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27. Golf’s God

November 25, 2010

How much can an endorsement affect an industry or a company? Apparently a whole lot.

According to a study by Nike, the company lost over 100,000 golf-ball customers after Tiger Woods’ sex scandal went public. That seems like a high number but apparently the numbers would be much worse if the company didn’t stand by Tiger through the scandal. A survey showed that Nike would have lost over $1.6 million if they had cut ties with the golfer.  

As far as Tiger’s affects on the overall golf industry, many people just stopped playing golf. The golf ball industry lost over $7.5 million. 

However, Tiger also helped build golf industry and it would not be as where it is today without him. Nike’s golf brand was virtually nonexistant until they signed Tiger Woods.

Endorsements matter more than you think. In many industries the right endorsements can make or break you.

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