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32. Magic or Method

November 27, 2010

David Kelly of IDEO says that design thinking is the key to creativity not angelic magic. 

Kelley laughs at the notion “That to be creative, an angel of the Lord appears and tells you what to do”. But that creativity comes from a methodaolgy or way of thinking that enables you to come up with solutions that nobody has come up with before. And I have to agree with him. Great ideas come from smart people who are always thinking and are thinking in the right way. 

Looking at it, I can’t deny that I have a system or process for creating ideas. It makes sense, the ideas we think of come from the way we think.  

My process:

I learn as much as I possibly can about something, break it down to its most basic form or key ideas, then look at every oppurtunity and possiblity of what that thing could be then think of a way express that.

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