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34. The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted

November 28, 2010

Media theroist Malcolm Gladwell says that twitter does not have the power to create social movement or cultural revolution. Gladwell says that twitter has created increases in social interaction and the voice of the average person, but cannot casue a change in the real world. While we may tweet our minds virtually, gladwell says that there is a diference between real and virtual expression. The disconnnect is in courage. According to Gladwell, a virtual movement will never give people the courage to act in the real world. We may be very bold and fearless on the internet but in person the courage to lead revolution is still a rare trait.

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  1. Rudolph Carrera permalink
    December 9, 2010 12:30 am

    He’s absolutely right. People talk a big game, threatening to murder Bush or attack Obama, destroy this, that or other institution. It would take action to do any of this, and it looks like this generation will do one of two things. Work within the system in bettering it, or cause mayhem.

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