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40. Superbowl No Show

December 1, 2010

Miller made a lot of noise last year with its 1 second Superbowl commercials. Not only were the ads packaged in a creative way but they also fit High Life’s branding very well. What better than a simple 1 second spot to fit the brand of a straight-shooting common man’s beer? It was also a good beer ad because it wasn’t boobs and frosting mugs or a nonsensical slapstick joke, it actually had decent branding.  Journalists wrote about it. Miller even had commercials to tell people about the 1 second commercials. So why did nobody see them?

Little known fact: Anheuser Busch (A-B) owns the exclusive rights to nationally televised Superbowl beer ads. However, that never stopped competing beer companies from buying up slots through local broadcasts. A-B has always let this slide until last year. Intimidated by Miller’s ads, A-B used its power as the game’s official sponsor to stop local affiliates in major markets from running the ad.

It’s interesting that a major beer company made a quality Superbowl ad and nobody saw it air.

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