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43. Starbucks To Add Beer And Wine

December 2, 2010

Rumors have been swirling that starbucks is going to add alcohol to it menu to gain business in the evening and afternoon, as 70% of Starbucks business happens before 2pm.

Interstingly Starbucks owns two coffee shops named 15th Avenue Coffee & Tea and Roy Street Coffee & Tea that they use to test products without tarnishing their brand name. After a successful test run, beer and wine are set to join the Starbucks’ menu.

This is actually no surprise, as starbucks is essentially branded as a European coffee house in America and European cafes have been serving beer and wine since forever. Great way to add to the American coffee culture and increase afternoon business.


42. Mighty Oregon

December 1, 2010

The University of Oregon brand grows stronger with the release of a full-sized Horizon Air jetliner. Can I please have a ride to the national championship?

41. Why Tablets Are Going To Be Huge

December 1, 2010

When the iPad came out everybody questioned: what’s the point? I have an iPhone and I have a laptop.It seemed weird then but now it makes perfect sense. With the help of cloud computing my ultra-thin tablet has the computing power of your desktop computer.

Cloud computing is a service that allows you to access unlimited server power through any device that uses the internet. Essentially letting any internet-enabled device act as a high powered computer.

In the near future tablets could replace your computer and lead to further convergence of tech. gadgets.

40. Superbowl No Show

December 1, 2010

Miller made a lot of noise last year with its 1 second Superbowl commercials. Not only were the ads packaged in a creative way but they also fit High Life’s branding very well. What better than a simple 1 second spot to fit the brand of a straight-shooting common man’s beer? It was also a good beer ad because it wasn’t boobs and frosting mugs or a nonsensical slapstick joke, it actually had decent branding.  Journalists wrote about it. Miller even had commercials to tell people about the 1 second commercials. So why did nobody see them?

Little known fact: Anheuser Busch (A-B) owns the exclusive rights to nationally televised Superbowl beer ads. However, that never stopped competing beer companies from buying up slots through local broadcasts. A-B has always let this slide until last year. Intimidated by Miller’s ads, A-B used its power as the game’s official sponsor to stop local affiliates in major markets from running the ad.

It’s interesting that a major beer company made a quality Superbowl ad and nobody saw it air.

39. WongDoody

November 30, 2010

Wongdoody does a great job of displaying the personality of their agency, while also describing their business attributes and strengths.

38. Lee Corso Dons Duck Head

November 30, 2010

37. Social Gaming

November 30, 2010

Social gaming giant Zynga is buying up gaming studios all over the country. Since creating Farmville and Mafiawars they have scoopied up other big name gaming studios like Bonfire Studios and Newtoy, which produced Words with Friends. However, Zynga does not seem interested in social game advertising. The social gaming ad market is poised to blow-up in the next year or so with predictions of a 30% increase in 2011. So why not take advantage?

Zynga cites ad placements by Mcdonald’s and General Mills, which were successful ventures, as examples of their work in advertsing. However, those ads are not replicable and there is no standardized system for buying ads with Zynga. 

The reality is that Zynga doesn’t really need ad revenue. They made over 500 million dollars this year by selling virtual goods. Virtual goods are programmed objects in games. For instance, a new tractor that you can use to grow more crops in Farmville might cost 1 real world dollar. Selling virtual objects for physical capital is obviously extremely profitable. So maybe Zynga does’t need advertising.

Although, if Zynga doesn’t want anything to do with ads, look out for other media companies like Disney  to start to entering the social gaming market becasue there is still demand for advertising in social gaming.